When the life gave you bad cards.

Everyone can experience bad and good moments in life.

Kris shares his personal experiences from an rich experiential life and uses his own lessons to help others to see the world from a slightly different angle.

Born with heart disase, and extremely premature, his life did not went like Kris had hoped. When everyone focused on what he not could or should do, Kris chose to stand up against the opinion and go his own ways. But it was a long and twisty way to get where he is today.

Get unique insights into his magical tools for how to succeed in seeing the positive in all constraints.

He gives you his mastering tools to succeed both mentally and in practice, when it seems to be too difficult. How to smile and see your own world from a new magic angle.

Kris's lecture is suitable for young people and adults in schools, organizations, as well as executives and employees who are in a process of change or need inspiration in their daily lives and work.


Organization of children with heart disase, Dep. of Oslo & Akershus

Kris was very proffesional and easy to work with before, during and after the event. He customized his speech and performance to our wishes in a very good way.

Early on the day he gae a speech about turning negativity to something positive.

To take changes in our life. He shares and gives alot of himself, and makes you laugh, reflect and ask alot of good questions.

In the evening he did a performance for us, and ended with a standing ovation.

Overall; We were extremly satisfied


Library of Larvik

Funny, interesting and uniqe. Kris had good reflections, tools and entertainment.


Gjøvik local medical officer

This was some funny, magical and deep reflected minutes!



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